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BiVoke Interactive Language Learning System


The language learning system constructed under network environment can fully take the intuitive of multimedia, with various teaching method designed by teachers, provides Vivid simulation scenarios. For the training of listening and speaking, BiVoke provides also variety of teaching tools and perfect learning condition. It became an indispensable modern facility of foreign language teaching.

“BiVoke Interactive Language Learning System” is a system which designed and developed based on network environment focusing on the demands of language teaching. With execution of each function through the network transmission and interaction, create an “Interaction” and “Independent” language learning environment, which suitable for foreign language course teaching, practice, examination, self-learning and management, etc. variety of applications to the class activities.

With various BiVoke functions can easily fulfill the various courses learning method designed by teachers, for example, Voice teaching / Video teaching, Class teaching / Self-learning, Collaboration practice / Individual practice, Online Exam / Oral Exam, Individual tutor / Transmission interaction, etc. Also, through the system function, can easily manage the class better.

Using BiVoke to do the listening training with transmitting variety of audio teaching materials (such as Teacher’s lecture or recordings, pure voice recordings of foreign teacher, network material, teaching CD, etc.) allow Student to listen clearly to the various audio material with standard and fluency pronunciation.

Repeatedly Listening

Teacher can set up the playing speed of the audio material and play it repeatedly. Furthermore, it can authorize student to set up the paragraph they want, and train their listening skill by repeatedly listen to the specific paragraph.

Audio Broadcasting

Audio Broadcasting

Variety of audio teaching material on Teacher PC can be transfer to single / part of / all of the Student PC through “Audio Broadcasting” function.

Appointed Speaking

Teacher can assign a student to speak, the Teacher and the other students can hear the student’s speaking from their earphone .

Record / Play

Techer can record the speaking demonstration on Teacher PC. When in class, teacher can play any of the recording file or send it to student via BiVoke system.

BiVoke contains variety of language speaking training tools. They can help students to listen to the correct pronunciation and imitate to adjust their own pronunciation repeatedly. In addition, enhancing the foreign language conversational skills through Interactive practice dialogue.

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Repeat Speaking Exercise

Student can set up the playing paragraph of the audio or video for repeated speaking training. With repeated imitation, students can follow by reading aloud to correct their pronunciation.

Sonic Comparision

Through comparing student reading sonic and original sonic, student can master their own high / low of pronunciation and rise / down of intonation in order to observe and improve their speaking pronunciations.

Sonic Comparision

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Voice Chat

Teacher can select the student to do the dialog practice, Q&A exercise, etc. interactive voice chat.

Role Paly

Teacher can play a section of video file and assign the roles in the drama to be played or imitated by appointed students, let student practice conversation with the simulation scenarios.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

Play a section of video and assign a student to do the synchronous interpreters. During the process, other students can hear the dialog and teacher can interrupted at any time to advise.

Group Talk

Teacher can divide students into 2~6 people per group for them to do the dialog exercises.

Group Talk

Every Student in language classroom will have their own learning equipment. No matter doing group collaboration learning, group teaching or self-learning, they will not disturb each other at all.

Group Management

Quickly divide all the students into groups, and assign the group leaders for each group.

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Topic Discussion

Teacher can set up the teaching topics or scenarios for different groups to discuss.

Group Teaching

Assign a group leader for each group running group teaching to the members of the group.

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Material Practice

The Teacher provides several practice materials, including auido or video, for students to select by themselves to do the self-learning.

Self-learning Practice

BiVoke provides environment and tools for self-learning. Students can select the proper learning content and method according to their level and control the learning progress by themselves to have individualized self-learning.

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BiVoke “Online Exam” function contains “comprehensive test”, “Oral Exam”, “Class Quiz”, etc. several different exam method, convenient for variety of foreign language teaching exam (listening and writing, speaking, listening, rush answer, written exam, etc.) After the online exam finish, the system will run paper marking, statistical analysis, and score management automatically.

Screen / Video / External Broadcasting

With “Audio-Visual Teaching” related function of BiVoke, Teacher can broadcast the many kinds of format’s multimedia video and also can use variety of digital and analog video equipment. (e.g. digital camera, DVD player, VHS recorder and player, cassette tape recorder, answering machine, digital visualizers, etc.) to play and transfer variety of teaching media resource. It makes the class become more lively (e.g. demonstrate mouth shape of pronunciation, real image, teaching scene, scenario simulation., movie-viewing, etc.) to help student learning foreign language easily in the application scenarios.

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Multitrack Broadcasting

Teacher can set up multiple tracks (channels) video teaching program, through the “Multitrack Broadcasting” function, transfer different channel’s program content to different group of students.


When Teacher execute “Web-learning” function, students can browse and view the online content with browser. When Teacher end the “Web-learning” function, system will automatically close the webpage windows of Student PC.

Teacher from Teacher PC’s location, can use except for the various “teaching functions” of BiVoke system to have teaching, exercise, exam, etc. teaching activities, system also provides complete teaching assistant tools and class management functions.

Various assist tools